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Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking.
For those afraid to give speeches in front of an audience, you are not alone. As a matter of fact there are a lot of people who get nervous, especially if it’s their first time doing so. Many breaking out in a swear at the mere thought of being in front of all those people. Sometimes feeling like they are well prepared then becoming speechless when in front of the audience. However with some practice you too can overcome the fear of speaking publicly.

Famous People Who Had Stage Fright.
In medical terminology stage fright is referred to as Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking. Not everyone knows it, but there are various highly influential people that felt uncomfortable when speaking in front of an audience. Believe it or not there are quite a few important individuals that had stage fright. However they had the ability to overcome it and give some of the most amazing speeches ever to be presented.

Those With a Fear of Giving Public Speeches:
* Mahatma Gandhi
* Thomas Jefferson
* Abraham Lincoln
* Joel Osteen
* Sir Isaac Newton
* Aristotle

1. Mahatma Gandhi.
One of the most influential peace keepers known to this world, Mahatma Gandhi would often suffer from panic attacks. While giving a speech in front of the vegetarian community in London, England he was only able to read one line. Getting somebody else to finish the speech for him. Even though it wasn’t easy in the beginning, Gandhi conquered his obstacles and became a worldwide humanitarian.

2. Thomas Jefferson.
The third president of the United States of America, Mr. Jefferson was medically diagnosed with social phobia. That’s right the man who played a major role in “Declaration of Independence” had issues with speaking in front of the public. It was such a big deal that several of his biographies have statements about his social issues. John Adams had even made a remark of how Thomas Jefferson spoke only three sentences at a time while in congress. As a matter of fact he had a total of two public speeches within his eight year term as president.

3. Abraham Lincoln.
Amazing as it may sound another presidential figure had issues with speaking in front of an audience. After a speech Mr. Lincoln made about slavery, was invited to make an appearance in New Jersey four weeks later. Which he politely declined due to a sick family member.

4. Joel Osteen.
Famous television evangelist Joel Osteen was uncomfortable in the beginning, preferring to stay out of the limelight. Unbeknownst to him that later on in life would take over where his dad left off after passing away. Now speaking in front of thousands of faithful followers every year. Overcoming his insecurities to be where he is today.

5. Sir Isaac Newton.
Founder of the three scientific laws of motion Sir Isaac Newton was apprehensive about giving speeches in front of others. Because he was self conscious of the way in which it sounded when he’d talk, some even accused him of having psychosis.

6. Aristotle.
Greek philosopher Aristotle was also not fond of publicly speaking because of the way his voice sounded. However he would overcome this fear later on in the future. Becoming a famous writer and teacher as well.

Ways to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking.
Although it may seem impossible to you, there are things that can improve your speaking skills when in front of an audience.

Helpful Tips:
* Perform breathing exercises
* Practice giving speeches
* Go with your inner gut feelings
Think of yourself as being a success
* Get acquainted with those you’ll speaking in front of

By practicing to take deep breaths you’ll becoming nice and relaxed, even try closing your eyes and meditating. It calms down those who are nervous and gives you power to speak openly. Providing that extra confidence needed while centering your voice. Another thing in which really helps is practicing at home. Picture the audience sitting in front of you, doing so several times until totally comfortable. While meditating, wait for your inner voice to speak to you and go with it. Picture yourself being a big success, speaking clearly in front of your audience. Before the initial speech get more acquainted with those you’ll be lecturing to. Such as introducing yourself and shaking their hands.

Last Minute Advice.
The most important thing is to have fun doing what you do. By staying calm and being totally relaxed, you will excel.

How to Learn Any Language in Just Months

There are a variety of reasons why a person might like to learn to speak a new language. Some want to learn a new language so that they can visit a country that they have never been to and be able to communicate with those who are living there. Some want to learn a new language so that they can impress their friends with the knowledge that they possess. Some want to learn a new language in order to stretch themselves, and some want to do it as a nod to their heritage. No matter the reasoning behind the want to learn, anyone who wants to learn a new language should know that there are ways that they can do that in just months. It doesn’t have to take years for a person to learn a new language, they can get a good education in just a few months.


When someone is looking to learn a new language in just months, they have to be determined. The individual who is hoping to learn how to speak in a new way has to be committed to what they are hoping to do. They have to be set on learning that language, they cannot be halfhearted about it. It is important that a person thinks about things before they set out to learn a new language. They have to consider whether or not they really want to do that. Learning a language can be tough, and the one who is attempting to learn something new has to be determined to keep at it until they know all that they would like to know.

The person who is looking to learn a new language in just months has to be willing to set aside a good amount of their free time in order to work on learning that language. Learning takes time, and the more time that a person will give to the learning that they are doing, the more education they will receive. If a person wants to be able to speak a new language in just months, a good amount of their free time is going to have to be spent on studying. Anyone who is looking to learn something new has to give up some of their time in order to get the education that they want. A person has to be willing to study instead of hanging out with family or watching movies, they have to be willing to give their evenings and weekends to the studying that they will be doing.

If someone is looking to learn a new language in just months, they have to find a good system for doing that. They have to find a good teacher who will help them to learn at a quick pace and who will make it easy for them to learn all that they would like to know. They have to find a program that will teach them the important words and then move on to words that are a little more obscure. They have to find the right source of information before they can begin their journey to learn that new language. There are a variety of paths that a person can take when they are looking to learn how to speak in a new way, and each person has to figure out what works out the best for them in that regard. Each person has to decide if they would rather learn through the help of a book, a video, or an actual live person.

There are times when a person is looking to learn something new and they cannot wait a year in order to gain the education that they are seeking. When someone is looking to learn quickly, they have to figure out the best way to do that. If someone is moving to an area where the native language is different from the one that they are used to, they have to pick up that new language so that they can adjust well. Each person will learn at their own pace, but it is possible for a dedicated and determined person to pick up a new language in just months. The one who wants to learn will be able to do that. A set schedule can help with the learning process, and goals will motivate a person. Each person has to work in their own way, and anyone who is looking to learn a new language has to remember to be patient with their self as they learn.

How to Gamble with fashion in Las Vegas

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Tips on Becoming a Wine Connoisseur

A wine connoisseur is someone who is an expert in wine. Or more specifically someone who has knowledge and specialized training in wine judging, wine tasting and pairing wine with food. Not to say it isn’t hard work but the steps are fairly simple in becoming a wine connoisseur.


Even without a high knowledge of wine, most people know that it should be drank a certain way. You are actually supposed to drink it a certain way. This is so that you can get the most of the flavor as well as the aroma in the wine you are sampling. You will want to pay close attention to detail in the wine you are drinking. Examine the color, if it is an older bottle of wine the red wines will be lighter and the white wines will be darker. You can also gain a bit of the aging process by doing this as well. For example is a Chardonnay is aged in oak barrels it will have more of a golden color.

Swirl your wine. In the swirling process you should coat the sides of your wine glass with the wine itself. Swirl it gently as you do not want to spill your wine. This process releases more of the aroma of the wine giving you a better sense of the wine you are tasting. Since the swirling of the wine releases more of the aroma, the next step seems to be a pretty obvious statement. Smell your wine. There are certain thing you should look for when breathing in the aromatic scent of your wine. If the wine you are observing is white you should look for more tropical and citrus scents. You may even look for scents of melon or lemon and lime. You may even detect some oak and vanilla in some cases due to the fermenting process of the white wines. On a side not for some wine connoisseur education, cooler places general produces more tangy and citrus flavor wines.
When giving the red wines a sniff look for plum or the aroma of berries. If the wine was produced in a cooler placed you will typically have a scent of red berries such as cherries and strawberries. If you red wine was made in a warmer climate you should detect blackberry or plum. A lot of the darker wines will also have a smell of chocolate, coffee and smoke as another major aroma.

Of course you are going to want to sip the wine. Even though the smell process give you and idea of the taste you wont know for sure unless you actually try it. You will need to give your wine a sip. After you have combined the smell and the taste of the wine you can determine if the two appear to go hand in hand and you can then determine if you like the taste of the wine. .

Something many wine connoisseurs know is the difference between terroir and tannins. This is important. The term tannin is the textural element of wine that makes it dry. Naturally occurring in barks and grapes tannins add complexity to a wines flavor. This term applies most mostly to red wines. The reason terroir is also an important term to know is because this refers to the background of the wine. Other plants that might be growing in the area, the topography as well as the climate and soil of where the grapes were grown. Some wines are bottled by grapes and some wines are bottled by region. This is what makes knowing the terroir of the wine so important.

Temperature. If you want to become a wine connoisseur it is highly advised that you know how to store your wine. You definitely do not want to store the wine in an area that is too hot or an are that is too cold. Each different type of wine requires a different temperature. Reds require 68°-77°F (20-25° C), Pinks 44°-55°F (7-13° C) and whites or sparkling should be below 40°F (5°C).

Use the right wine class for the job. Standard wine class will do for most reds and white wines. But Chardonnay does require a wider rim. Port Wine needs to be in a large flute, Sherry in a narrow martini style glass. And Vintage sparkling wines go best in a flute. Hold the glass by the stem, this is the professional wine connoisseur way to do so. Familiarize with these steps and you will be well on your way.